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Things To Consider Choosing The Right Exterior Cladding Material

Sep 01, 2017

The blends of manufactured faux veneers that are offered by Nova Stone China are suitable for both interior and exterior stone facing applications. Ledge stones are a very popular style of rock veneers available in manufactured faux rock siding panels for easy installation. Faux rock veneer panels are easy to handle making them a popular stone veneer product for both interior and exterior siding treatments. Canyon Stone Canada ledge stone panels can be installed on fireplace facades, interior accent walls, exterior house facades, landscape walls and columns.

Manufactured rock veneers are lightweight and easy to install almost anywhere. Our faux stones are backed by a 20 year limited warranty. With the proper surface preparation your manufactured rock panel installation will last a lifetime on your exterior house design project. Refer to local building codes for the appropriate installation for interior or exterior applications.

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Things to Consider

Regulations and Permissions

The rules covering exterior alterations vary from area to area, and according to whether the building is in a historic district. Before your plans advance too far, check with your local authorities and homeowner's association as to whether you need permission. It may also be necessary to get permission to use certain paint colors.

Choosing the right exterior cladding material depends on your climate, personal preference, and budget. Follow all manufacturer's guidelines and local codes to ensure the material you choose performs well over time. One part of this is choosing the correct fasteners for the material and your weather conditions. Most often, you will need to use rust-resistant nails for exterior work.