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Siding Stone Panel For Villa Wall Decoration

Aug 04, 2017

Stone houses have had a rich history in the field of architecture and residential housing. Before the introduction of brick and metal architects had to work with mortar and stone to develop residential houses. The style and design of the home was greatly dependent on the type of stone that was used. A home that utilized river stone would have a different look than one that was constructed with Limestone for example. Many stone houses have a similar look because the design was heavily influenced and even limited to the chosen building material.

There are a few categories and designs that are common to all stone houses but none are as visually identifiable as the Spanish villa style. This design blended various colours and textures to create a truly unique and inherently Latin look. Stone was used with polyurethane. This gave the Spanish homes a very dynamic look. This style was traditionally developed by Roman architects who were very adept at creating functional and design friendly buildings and homes. They would use a variety of building materials to structure the home which created a fantastic variation of visual textures.

Manufactured home with New England Mocha.jpg