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Renovating A Home With Faux Stone Panels

Dec 08, 2017

Mold is just gross. I have known multiple people to be driven from their homes for months at a time while they get walls knocked down and replaced. It is basically a silent monster; creeps in, nicely disguises itself, and is not dis-covered until the inhabitants of the home are crippled with coughs and congestion that will not go away and they finally discover the cause. I actually knew someone to become bed ridden from how sick the mold made him and he did not even know it was there for over a year.


If you actually think ahead when renovating a home, you can do yourself a favor and protect your house from the nasty four letter word. How can you do this? By using our faux wall panels.

Our faux wall panels are constructed from a high quality polyurethane foam material. Polyurethane is a closed-cell material, so it is actually resistant to all types of moisture, mildew, rot, and mold. Even if mold were to appear, you would be able to easily wipe it off. It is not porous like wood and natural stones, so it is not possible for mold to grow and find a safe haven in your walls or back splashes.

Many people actually bring mold into their home without even knowing they did it! Because re-claimed wood is the ‘coolest’ thing nowadays, people are bringing furniture made from it into their homes and even building with it. Although it might look nice, you really have no way of knowing where it came from or how old it is. With faux wall paneling, you know exactly where it came from, what it is made from, and you can create whatever you want with it. You do not have to forego the rustic look when opting for faux wall panels either, because we have many options to choose from to fit that look and style.

Using faux wall paneling is a much better option in the long term. Immediate gratification is not always the wisest option, people. Choosing faux from the get go will allow you to sleep peace-fully at night, knowing your home is clean and mold-free and will remain that way. Our faux wall panels are so durable, easy to clean, and will have your home looking amazing for years to come. Bye bye mold, you are not welcome here!