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Nova Stone Polyurethane Faux Stone Design Trends

Mar 31, 2017

Faux stone projects are a great way to update the look of your home or business. The versatility of stone veneer panels can also offer a modern, rustic element to your home’s interior design as well. The look of stone, tile and wood is becoming more popular with design professionals as well as DIY-ers because of its affordable and practical ability to transform any dull space into a memorable experience. Here are some on-trend interior design ideas using the versatility of faux stone.fireplace.jpg

One of the most popular faux stone trends involves installing the stone veneer panels around a breakfast, BBQ or spirits bar. The faux stone panels complement the granite countertop and cabinets, adding a rich, earthy feel to the space. With GenStone’s expansive collection of faux stone styles, finding the perfect blend of color and texture will give the room a cozy yet modern appeal.

Carolina cocoa Ledgestone patio.jpg

Add a Touch of Color and Texture

Natural stone products will chip and crack.

Faux brick panels are great to add impact to an otherwise uninspiring space. Faux brick is extremely versatile and appropriate for any style room. Add elegance to a kitchen, authenticity to a living room or modernity to a bathroom. Faux brick panels are popular because of their classic appeal and timeless adaptability.

Bring a burst of color and texture which a typical white wall can’t compete with. Nova Stone’s faux brick panels are easier to install and maintain than real brick, making faux brick the logical choice for interior design.


Make a Strong First Impression

Faux stone columns and pillars are functional, but why can’t they also be decorative? Nova Stone’s stacked stone pillar panel kits make it easy to add a touch of class and sophistication to columns. Pillars and columns add elegance and prestige to your space, while adding faux stone or brick only enhances the prominence of your interior design.

Faux stone projects are only increasing in popularity as designers and consumers realize the impact of the high-quality, low-cost products on their properties. With such ease of installation, don’t hire a skilled