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Faux Stone Siding Features

Sep 22, 2017

Faux stone siding features

Faux stone siding is usually made of polyurethane, a hard plastic. The best faux stone siding products are made from real stone casts, which makes them look very realistic. Even from up close, it’s difficult to tell that it isn’t real stone.

This casting technique makes all kinds of styles available: from brick and packed stone to real rock face. Detailed, realistic colors make for beautiful stone, brick or rock siding that’ll fit any style.

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Installation wise, faux stone siding is easier than it seems; DIYers can easily and quickly install it without professional help. Because it’s made of plastic, the siding is light and easy to cut as well. All you need are your standard tools and screws, and adhesives.

But more than a beautiful exterior, siding has another advantage: it gives your home extra insulation, saving energy (and money). And the resale value of your home increases as well.

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