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Eco Friendly Siding

Oct 13, 2017

Build Green with Nova Stone

The beauty and visual appeal of natural stone, rock and clay brick veneers is beyond question. These materials are often used to complement or enhance an otherwise dull or unremarkable exterior. Nova Stone faux stone siding panels offer consumers and builders a way to incorporate the appeal of natural stone into their design plans without causing the excessive environmental damage that excavation processes have historically impacted upon our planet.

Consider the Impact of Your Project

Whether it is a residential or commercial setting, stone, rock and brick are popular choices for builders or consumers who desire the classic, traditional look of architectural masonry. However, the “green” or “eco-friendly” value of using natural materials in siding construction should be considered when making the decision to add rock, brick or stone to any exterior.

Questions and Answers About Going Green with Faux Stone

Now, let’s look at why random rock, faux stone and brick veneer can be the go to green option for your home. In part, Nova Stone was designed to ensure that its overall product line doesn’t work with any type of mortar, stone or cement during the manufacturing process. This eliminates the need for excavation and other harmful processes that do damage to the environment.

Not many companies dealing with similar products can boast this. In fact, most steer so far away from going green that unless you as a consumer start asking questions, they’ll dodge bringing it up at all. By eliminating these types of supplies, we don’t have to worry about the excavation process destroying the environment and contributing to that lasting damage. Faux stone, veneer and random rock can add the look you want to your home without forcing you to use products harmful to the environment.

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