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Decorative Stone Veneer For Your Walls Inside And Outside

Apr 07, 2017

Manufactured decorative stone veneer is a beautiful compliment to your homes façade or on an interior wall or fireplace

Whether it’s a face lift to your existing home or cladding a new build, decorative stone veneer will add curb appeal and value to your home’s exterior façade. Choose from a variety of styles and colours from our manufactured stone veneer line of products. Then Nova Stone China has a collection of stone veneers that will compliment any home.

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There are stone veneer styles for a modern, contemporary or traditional look. Make your stone project be the focal point of an interior space. J

Decorative stone veneers are lightweight and easy to install

Decorative stone veneer is a lightweight product that can be installed over a variety of substrates. Check your local building code. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, decorative stone panels are lightweight and easier to work with than a full bed stone. Stone veneers can be manufactured or natural. The choice is yours. Each has its benefits as you consider style, budget and ease of installation. Man made faux stone veneers are lighter than natural stone veneer which could be deciding factor as you make your choice for stone cladding.

When installing decorative stone veneer you should consider all your options. You can achieve the look of real stone with a manufactured look alike. Choosing a stone to suit your style isn’t always easy. Narrow down your choices to three and bring a sample of each to your project. While it might look great in the showroom it will be important to see the stone veneer in the environment where you will be installing it. Lighting and other colours in the surrounding area will play a key role in how your stone will look.

Decorative stone veneers are lightweight, a convenient size and with a variety of shapes and textures, make them a great choice for any installation. While these products are easy to install you should always seek the advice of a professional and follow your local building codes for proper installation. With research and planning your project will be something you will enjoy for many years.

For interior installations the structure of your wall to receive the stone should be able to support the weight. Preparing the surface properly before you begin your installation is the most important step. Check your local building code. If weight is an issue, there are many manufactured stone veneer options to choose from. They are half the weight or less of the natural stone veneer and are available with many more style and textures. Decorative stone veneer can be installed over the existing unpainted brick surface of your fireplace façade. Give your fireplace a new look with stone veneer.

You will need a few masonry tools to cut the stone. Rent these at your local building supply store or you may already have them from a tiling project you did. A wet saw with a diamond blade and safety glasses will be your best friend. Always follow your local building code and prepare the surface to receive the stone veneer. Use adhesives recommended by the manufacturer to ensure that the stone will adhere to the prepared surface.