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Building An Outdoor Stacked Stone Fireplace

Apr 21, 2017

A stacked stone fireplace easily adds beauty and elegance to a home. However, what a lot of people do not realise is this is something they can create at home on their own. Here are some simple directions on how to build this yourself. 

Area level
The first step is to create the design you have in mind and then get the design area level with a concrete pad. While this step may seem like it is a little bit of overkill, this is not the case. In fact, it is going to help you avoid pitfalls later on in the project. The important part is to make sure the concrete pad is level and not slanted in any way. 

Structure strength
Concrete cinder blocks will be the basis for the outdoor fireplace and they need to be properly laid down. These will be the bottom layer of the fireplace and will be formed up into the chimney area. This way the foundation of the fire place is not going to shift over time. It is important to note these blocks do need to be mortared together to provide even more strength to the structure. 

With most stacked stone fireplaces, you must remember it is a facade on the stacked stone. To make the facade more believable, you need to build a simple timber frame for the facade. This frame needs to be shaped like the fireplace as well, and take the stone up to the level that is needed. When the frame is completed, you will need to put in a cement board behind the structure to help deflect the heat away from the wood, which can catch fire if it gets too hot. 

Building the facade
After the wooden frame has been built, you will need to take and add mortar to the facade. This mortar is going to provide something for the cement board and stone to stick to and keep it in place. After the mortar has been applied, the stacked stone will need to be added into the facade structure. Then you will be ready to take the stones and the facade and get them up next to the fireplace. It is important to note that when applying the mortar to the cement board it is going to be important for you to do this in sections, as it will prevent the mortar from drying out while the work is being completed.

With all of that work completed, the final step is to add in the chimney cap. The chimney cap is going to keep the fire from sending sparks out of the chimney top, but also prevent the spread of fire.

Having a good time outdoors this summer is easy to do. All you have to do is make sure you have a high quality stacked stone fireplace to enjoy. With these simple instructions, it is easy for you to get the fireplace of your dreams and know it will work for what you want.