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A New Stone Age - Next Generation Of Faux Synthetic Stone Siding.

Mar 16, 2017

Introducing the next generation in of faux synthetic stone siding.

The restaurant industry is going through an era of design sophistication in both new and remodeled applications. The days of a simple EIFS / Stucco facades or full brick are “out” and the facade designs incorporating stone and combinations of multiple textures are “in”. In addition, the focus of the restaurant designers seems to heavily weighted towards producing a competitive curb appeal.


The selection of real stone and stone like products can be initially overwhelming due to the recent increase in the demand and proliferation of products in this category. The use of real stone typically is too expensive for most projects due to both material and labor costs. The category of faux stone has evolved over the last 5+ years as a viable solution to the cost issue. Within the faux stone options, there three distinct categories which are manufactured / cultured stone, cement board stone panels and synthetic stone panels.

There are advantages and negative of each of these categories. The manufactured stone, typically consists of individual stones that are reproduced out of a cementatious mixture are realistic in appearance and durability but some key disadvantages are that they require a higher cost mason to install them and add considerable weight to the project which many times is a major issue for remodeling an existing restaurant. The cement board panels can provide a realistic appearance and durability but typically the depth of the stone pattern is not a deep as the manufactured stone. This system also requires a mason to install the panels although the cost will be somewhat less than the manufactured stone. The weight of these cement panels can also be an issue on a remodeling project. One more negative issue on both of these systems is that they may require up to a week to install, may need unsightly scaffolding and potentially can disrupt the business in a remodeling application.

Synthetic Stone composites are a relatively new category but is rapidly growing and ranges from thin vacuum formed plastics to thicker high density foam panel systems. Some of the advantages of this category is that they are produced in a larger panel size that contain multiples of stone or bricks, they are dramatically lighter in weight and can be installed by less expensive general carpenters instead of masons. Some drawbacks of synthetic are the realism due to the depth of the stone / brick, the coloring has been less realistic in many product lines and the durability of a simple high density foam panel is an issue since the surface can be scratched or damaged easily.

Enter NOVA STONE, the next generation of a synthetic faux stone system. The NOVA STONE system that is designed for both interior and exterior applications and has numerous advances over the present cementatious and synthetic faux stone / brick systems.

Realism– The NOVA STONE has been produced from real stone / brick patterns that have deep textures and the has a unique coloring process that utilizes the latest high performance paint systems for the ultimate appearance in depth and realistic stone / brick appearance,

Durability /Weatherability - The NOVA STONE system utilizes a new “Dual Density” composite technology –which is produced with a starting with an impact resistant hard plastic shell followed by medium density polyurethane foam. The composite is more durable than conventional synthetic faux systems but still is light weight. This durability combined with the latest coloring and paint technology produces a product with outstanding exterior longevity.

Innovative pre-engineered panels – The NOVA STONE system is available in a factory produced one piece panels, pilasters and various size column wraps which dramatically reduces intensive on site labor.

Cost Savings – The NOVA STONE system provides cost savings in a number of ways. First, the system can be installed by a general carpenter stead of a mason, the system installs in a few days instead of a significantly longer time, does not interrupt the business during installation, and has an R value of 5-6 which provides a significant insulation value and energy cost savings.

Design Versatility – The NOVA STONE is produced in the China with specific modifications to panel size, stone / brick type and coloring details can be done to match a Restaurants present or upcoming design requirements. Other systems are imported or produced on a production line that cannot adapt easily to specific changes.

Speaking in Restaurant terms, the NOVA STONE should be considered like an “ARTISAN “ system that is a high quality and specialized product that addresses this new era of Restaurant design and installation requirements and can be used in both new and remodeling applications.