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Wall Cladding Manufactured stone

May 03, 2018

Product Description

General Information:
Manufactured stone  is lightweight and durable to real stone. Made from concrete, more specifically it is a mixture of Portland cement, lightweight but hi-quality of porcelain granule (volcanic) and top quality iron oxide pigments, reinforcing agent, antifreeze agent, etc. This simulated stone is made from molded plastic to capture the appearance of real stone down to the finest of details. This is simulated masonry that has the durability of any quality concrete or masonry materials such as brick or block.
This synthetic stone can be put on by professional masons or do it yourself.
The average thickness is 4cm and the weight is about 25-40kgs per sq.m. The mortar that is recommended is a Type N or Type S Mortar Mix (the professional masons know about this). If these types couldn't be found, the normal one will be OK.

Maintenance of stone veneer: 
Cleaning can be done with soapy water and a bristled brush, do not use a wire brush and do not use a high pressure sprayer.

Stone veneer uses: 
Stone veneer can be used on Residential housing and Commercial buildings bringing the look of security, longevity and a calming retreat look to your unique home or office building. It can also be used on interiors and exteriors of building, around pools, walkways and driveways among a host of other applications.

Interior Applications: Fireplaces, Kitchens, Bath, Bedrooms, Breakfast nooks, Wine Cellars
Exterior Applications: Chimneys, House facing, Window sills, Patios, Walkways

Unique Decorative Concrete:
Stone veneer manufactured by Aieerma create deep wall textures with a very realistic natural stone or brick look. Aieerma is very successful in simulating natural stone and real brick so realistically that it is not possible to differentiate it.

Less costly than natural stone:
Stone veneer can be applied on various surfaces such as concrete, polystyrene (EPS) and on any undamaged solid surface. The special wall mix is not only much less costly than natural stone and other similar products. It can be applied economically with much less labour than alternatives.

Production process:
1.      Collecting good-looking real stone.
2.      Design and produce the mould (we have our own strong R & D team).
3.      Grout mixing, put water, cement, ceramsite concrete (volcanic), water repellent substance, antifreeze agent, iron oxide dye into the blender and mixing.
4.      Spray the mould with dye.
5.      Slip casting (pour the mixing material into the mould)
6.      Vibrating
7.      Steam, after vibrate, put the mould together with the material into the steam oven. (steam time         affected by the temperature, humidity level).
8.      Demould.
9.      Spray with waterproof agent.
10.    Quality inspection & Packing.

Technical specification
Aging resistanceNo obviously change
Frost resistanceNo significant change
Bending strength(Mpa)3.7
Compressive strength(Mpa)15.7
Freezing And Thawing Cycle
Environment Air TemperatureBasic Care Time
-4012 hour
No rupture, No breakage, Volume contraction less than 3%