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Through the concept, quantity, listen, try to identify the quality of stone

Jan 17, 2017

View: that is, the surface structure of stone. Generally speaking, the fine material structure of the stone material has a delicate texture, as the stone of the goods; coarse grain and unequal grain structure of the stone appearance effect is poor, mechanical and mechanical properties are not uniform, the quality is poor. In addition, due to the influence of geological properties of natural stone in which some of the fine veins, micro cracks, the most prone to rupture along these parts, should be taken to eliminate. As for the lack of edges and corners is more beautiful, especially when the choice should pay attention to.

Quantity: that is, the amount of stone size, so as not to affect the splicing, or cause splicing after the pattern, pattern, line deformation, affecting the decorative effect.

Listen: listen to stone percussion sound. In general, good quality, compact and uniform with no internal micro cracks of the stone, the percussion sound crisp and sweet; on the contrary, if the existence of micro cracks within the stone or veins or due to weathering cause particles become loose, gruff sound of percussion.

Try to use a simple test method to test the quality of stone. Usually in the stone drops on the back of a drop of ink, the ink quickly disperse as leaching, said loose particles inside the stone or the existence of micro cracks, stone quality is not good; on the contrary, if the ink drops in place does not move, then the dense texture of the stone good.