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Three points to buy Marble

Jan 17, 2017

First, the color

If you want to show the spatial contrast of black and white stone feeling, can use the clean degree and texture; and black or dark stone can be used in the entrance floor, the stone texture layer, another white stone facade collocation for black and white contrast taste out. In the same entrance space, the dark stone floor and coherent facade, showing a large space sensor.

Two, special color / texture

Special color stone can have more changes for home space, choose the red summer tree stone sofa in the living room by the back wall, can be used before and after the scene to create the space features, in addition, can also choose the type of jade green stone used in the entrance floor, through the marble on the feeling of space to show the tension lines.

Three, brightness and texture

If you want the space to show a high sense of texture, the relative will be reflected in the price, you will need a higher cost, it is necessary to measure the budget and texture, from which to choose the right stone and the use of blocks.