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Stone cabinet table maintenance Raiders

Jan 17, 2017

1, the artificial stone cleaning method: artificial stone is a dense material synthetic solid pores, pollution resistant, so most stains on the artificial stone does not constitute a threat. Daily need only a simple cleaning and maintenance can be, for example, artificial stone table with water stains or large stains, can be used to wipe off the wet cloth detergent or soap.

2, avoid high temperature object directly put: artificial stone poor thermal conductivity, directly from the stove or oven, microwave oven off hot pot, hot pot, or other high temperature appliance may cause the artificial stone surface caused by cracking. Daily use can be used with rubber feet of the pot holder, or on the table with a heat insulation pad. In addition, the artificial stone table can not be rinsed immediately after boiling water.

3, avoid contact with strong chemicals: artificial stone has a long lasting damage, but still need to avoid contact with strong chemicals, such as paint, metal cleaning agent, cleaning agent, etc.. If contact with the above items, immediately wash the surface of artificial stone with plenty of soap and water.

4, avoid heavy or sharp objects impact surface: don't let the heavy or sharp objects directly impact the surface of the kitchen chopping pad chopping board, although the artificial stone is solid and durable, but doing so will leave unsightly scratches.

5, try to keep the artificial stone dry: because the water contains a lot of bleach and scale, residence time is too long, can make mesa pale, affect the appearance. Therefore, with water stains, wipe with a rag in need.