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Reef Stone Cladding with Good Resistance to Thawing

Nov 05, 2018

Product Description
Product Description
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Artificial Culture Stone Series of Thin Reef Features: 
1. Lightweight: It's specific weight is 1/3-1/4 of natural stone, not need extra support of wall footing. 
2. Duration: Non-fadings, anti-corrosion and high efflorescence-resistant, high strength, good anti-freeze and impermeability. 
3. Green and environment friendly: No smelling, noise deadening, fire prevention, heat insulation, non-toxic, pollution and radioactivity free. 
4. Anti-dust and self-cleaning: Processed by water-proof technique, not easy to adhere dust, self-clean by rain, free of maintenance. 
5. Easily-installed, cost-saving: Not need to rivet it on the wall but directly paste; Its installation fees are just 1/3 of natural stone material. 
6. Alternative: Various colors and styles, mix and match can make the wall more stereo. 

Advantage of Artificial Culture Stone Series of Thin Reef: 
1. Design: Individual design
2. Warm-keeping: Heat insulation
3. Color maintenance: Long-lasting coloring
4. Weight: Light weight (only 1/3 of the natural stone)
5. Green product: Environmental protective(use inorganic material)
6. Installation: Easy installation(just stick to the wall)
7. Maintenance and Cleaning: Easy maintenance, easy cleaning
8. Others: Anti-corrosion, anti-freezing, anti-fire, anti-poison

Artificial Culture Stone Series of Thin Reef Test Result: 
1. Water-absorption: 3%(after processing)
2. Aging resistance: No obviously change
3. Frost resistance: No significant change
4. Bending strength: Average Bending strength for 28 days (Mpa) 3.5, individual value not less than 3. 
5. Compressive strength: Average Compressive strength for 28 days (Mpa) 15, individual value not less than 12. 
6. Radiation limit: Pass GB 6566-2001, Item 3.2, requirement for class A
7. Volume contraction: ≤ 3%
Name:High Quality Culture stone
Material:Natural clay, cement
Color:red, black, grey, yellow,brown etc.
Main Stone Size:
Length: 505 ± 10mm/300 ± 10mm/200 ± 10mm

Width: 100 ± 3mm

Thickness: 30 ± 3mm

Weight:  ≤ 21Kg/ctn
Sqm/ctn: 0.6M2
Corner stone size:
Length: Out Corner middle(305 ± 10)  ±  (100  ±  5)  Short (200  ±  10)  ±  ( 100 ± 5 )

Width: 100 ± 3mm

Thickness: 55 ± 15mm

Weight:  ≤ 21.5Kg/ctn
M/ctn: 1.2m
Other Type:reef stone, castle stone, howntown stone, travertine stone, cobblestone, mushroom stone, weathered stone, shadow stone, water stone, wood grain stone, split brick, art brick, eco brick, limestone, wilderness stone etc.
Exterior or Interior Wall Decoration
Applying place:
 Indoor: hotel, lobby, bar, coffee shop, living room, club etc.

Outdoor: villa, town house, golf course, exterior wall of artistic building, artificial fall, vacation village, amusement park, village club
Packing:paper carton with strong fumigate wooden crates or fumigated-free crates
2oft Capacity512sqm, 640ctn
MOQ:100sqm or 1*20ft container.
Delivery time:
Sample:2-5 days

Order: 2-4 weeks.

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