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Pure White Nano Crystallized Glass Panel

Jul 02, 2018

1. Products Description

Slab Size:
2400x1400(1300)mm  2600x1400(1300)mm   
2800x1400(1300)mm   3000x1400(1300)mm   
300x600mm    12"x24"
600x600mm  24"x24"
800x800mm 32"x32"
900x900mm 36"x36"
1000x1000mm 40"x40"
1200x1200mm 48"x48"
According to your request
Thickness: Nano 001(18mm),Nano 002(12mm,18mm,20mm,30mm),Nano 003(18mm),

Nano Glass 001
This material has the best quality,it is the most stone-like nano glass,can be cut with the tools used for natural granite,without any crack and chip.
Nano Glass 002
It is the earliest nano glass panel,its quality is good and stable now,but not as excellent as nano glass 001 and nano glass 003,it also own very large market in the world,for its much cheaper price
Nano Glass 003
Nano Glass 003 is a new product which enters into market in February 2011,based on all the advantages of Nano pure white crystallized glass panel 002, Nano glass 003 has high reputation among the global market with the stone-like quality.

2.Our factory & Products show
(1) Customized sizes are available;
(2) Free samples can be supplied;
(3) Professional CAD engineers are working for you;
(4) Our Quality Controller will check piece by piece before packing;
(5) Strong packing and prompt delivery.


4.Why Choose Us?
(1). Competitive Price:
As manufacturer ,we are competitive in price Meanwhile ,as local well known professional good support from other factories .We have been selling to more than 20 countries regularly ,critical market and most price competitive.

(2). Quality Control
The quality of all products is under our control strictly, so we could make sure that what we offer to you is superior and quality product. From the beginning of production to the examination of finished goods, we all try our best to avoid any mistakes carefully.

(3). Competitive Service
Since we specialize in importing and exporting all kinds of stone for a long time, we could provide full-service for you. We respect you, our customers, and your decisions, but it doesn't mean we wouldn't provide good suggestions for you. To concern what you concern; to provide what we should provide.

(4). Custom Design
If you couldn't find the special specification you need, please contact us. We could make the specific product you want according your requirements.

Our effort and our clients' support make always the win-win business between clients and us, this makes both go further.

We sincerely welcome new potential clients to contact us, we will not only supply you the right materials based on your required quality with competitive price, but also provide you nice service via quick reaction with constructive solutions.