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Fiber Cement Siding for Residential and Commercial Building Wall Decoration

Mar 12, 2018

BNBM fiber cement board is a new type of wallboard that is both functional and decorative, which is made from cement and plant fiber, and without innocuous suatances. The manufacturing technology is high pressure extrusion of single screw vacuun. The main production parameters are all controlled by computer to ensure a high quality. The products are made through the procedures of extrusion forming,steam maintenance, precise machines, drying,spraying and packaging, etc. The tachnical indicators of the products can meet the concerned standards of China and Japan.

Multiplicity in design and rich in colorThe variety of designs and color can be freely combined, rich color, and the design can be required according to the needs of customers. This can provide more originality space to the stylist and show the decorated effect. All this creates the fashion and individuation architectures, and the city can be made bright and colorful.
Green environment protection productIt has the advanced prescription with no-asbestos and other harmful materials. No waste- water, waste-residue and exhaust-gas produced. It is a green environment protection product.
Mechanical performance and antiweatherabilityMade by advanced technology of extrusion and finished by maintenance by steam, the product has a heavy density and excellent mechanical performance, antiweatherability and antifreezeability. It also has excellent dimensional stability.
Sealing performanceElastic waterproof sealant and joint cement are used respectively at the joints and seams of BNBM fiber cement sidings, so the airproof ability and waterproof ability of the product are improved. Using specialized boards joint accessories can efficiently prevent the deflection caused by changeable temperature.
Fireproof performanceWalls made of BNBM fiber cement siding have excellent fireproof performance; because BNBM fiber cement siding is made from inorganic material that is not combustible. The product has been recognized as incombustible material after detection by National Architecture Materials Detection Center.
Flexible connectsSpecial technique is used for the joints of BNBM fiber cement siding, so the connection between boards and the main part of wall is not a rigid one. The boards could be displaced while the main body is moving by the outer force, but never be deformed and fissured.
Easier-installationT & G joint make it have good capability in water and rain prevention, and clips-fixed make it easy install. Little seasonal inflection in the construction.
Heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulationBNBM fiber cement siding complex wall composed with BNBM fiber cement siding, future air layer, heat preservation and insulation material and inner wall material etc. It has best heat preservation and insulation and sound insulation performance, and belongs to energy- conservation and high-quality wall material.
Lower-costThe outer wall is 40-60mm thinner than that of the present; therefore in the conditions of same building area, the area in using will increase 3%-5%. The light-weight of this outer wall material makes the base and structure lighter to reduce the engineering price.

Product Specification/Models

There are two series: K series with holes( not solid); S series without holes(solid):
Mark width(mm) thickness(mm) length(mm)
K300-15-OLA 300 15 3000
K300-15-OLA-S 300 15 3000
K300-18-OLB 300 18 3000
K300-18-9LA 300 18 3000
K300-18-OLB-B 300 18 3000 
K450-18-OLB 450 18 3000 
K450-18-OLB-S 450 18 3000 
K600-26-OLC 600 26 3000
K600-26-7LC 600 26 3000
S16 460 16 3000
But if you have any other requirments,such as the question about the color and size, please let us know, we will consider whether we can help. Tks.

Fiber cement board can be applied to the industrial construction, individual residential, tunnel and subway station etc.

Other Information
We have International Marking Certificate for the BNBM Fiber Cement Board , Jiangsu High-tech Product Cerificate,Second Prize Award of K26mm Fiber Cement Siding

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