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Nova Stone Polyurethane stone panel purely natural stone look

Nov 27, 2017

Product Description

Material: PU(Polyurethane)
Feature: Light weight (4-5kg per sqm), easy installation, natural look
Stone Type: Culture stone / Granite/ Rocky/ Brick/ Brick with Volcanic stone

Color: 4-8 colors options for each type

Manufactured with specially Polyurethane combined with fire retardant and UV inhibitors, Nova Stone faux stone siding panels offer "faux" look of stone, brick, and rock at a fraction of the installed cost. With Nova Stone, you will not only save money on materials, but you will also save on the cost of labor and installation time. 

Nova Stone Polyurethane stone panels are used for renovation projects, Caravans and mobile homes which have to have a purely natural stone look. The models are available in 3 different looks, Culture stone, Granite, rocky stone, giving them an extremely realistic look. 

Nova Stone artificial stone cladding elements with brick optics will give your house a clinkered facade look. This shock-resistant robust Polyurethane glass fiber product will not only reduce the structural load of the real stone facade, but will convince you by its clean and low-cost installation. It can also be installed in a ventilated way so that your house can permanently breathe. The elements are offered in various colors and patterns and, of course, with the associated accessories.Nova Stone products is kindly used for renovation of a commercial and residential house!