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Natural stone is loved by people in modern times

Jan 17, 2017

Stone is one of the modern decoration of the use of more materials, a lot of people love the stone production line, countertops, cabinets, Italy to decorate villa with garden rockery stone decoration, etc.. In fact, walked into the restaurant, hotel, KTV can be seen everywhere decorative stone, stone curtain wall decoration, of course, is also divided into marble and artificial stone, modern people love with stone, there is a feeling of closeness to nature.

Natural stone is often people's love, the most original, the most natural and popular, has been for thousands of years of history from the ancient use of natural stone, with the development of science and technology, more and more extensive application of natural stone and popularity, has from the development of public buildings to thousands of households, has its value and function the transition from simple building materials for high-grade ornate decoration materials. Natural stone species are numerous, in the decoration market, contact the general rational stone stone, granite, slate and sandstone which are commonly used in indoor decoration.