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Marble fireplace in villa installation points of attention

Jan 17, 2017

1 rooms do not really fire fireplace dedicated flue, the need to install metal smoke pipe, chimney overall height of not less than 3.6 meters, should be as little as possible with the elbow, it is best not to use the degree of 45 or 90 degree chimney elbow connection. If you want to go through the ceiling, attic, wooden roof or decorated wooden walls, heat treatment. The chimney outlet should do wind rain treatment.

2 the original chimney in the room should be kept in good condition and should not be damaged or blocked. A stainless steel pipe or cast iron pipe with the same diameter as the chimney smoke pipe is connected with the chimney to ensure the sealing of the furnace body and the smoke pipe. If the original fireplace chimney in the room does not have an inner lining, it is necessary to install a pipe lining inside the 150mm