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Landscape yard artificial stone polyurethane siding panel

Dec 04, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Type:Faux Stone

  • Surface Finish:Antique

  • Certification:SGS

  • Usage:Commercial, Kitchen, Bathroom, School

  • Customized:Customized

  • Transport Package:10 PCS / CTN

  • Specification:PU material

  • Origin:China

Product Description

Our faux stone panels are molded from actual rocks, stone, bricks, coral stone and travertine. The products coming out of the molds reproduce every single detail, of the stone and even the grouting.

Most people don't believe they aren't real rocks, stones and wood until they tap on them. The tapping or knocking is usually followed by a "oh, wow!"

light weight faux stone panel
increased R value
Easy to install faux stone panel

1 Where the Polyurethane Stone Panel can be used ?
 Inside and outside homes of all sizes and styles,
 Restaurants,Bars, Boutiques,Offices Bathrooms,Showers,Kitchens, Living roomsSkirting below sidingLandscaping,Pool and spa surrounds.FireplacesTo cover brick, stones and concrete.And much more.
2  What materials do your Stone Panel made of ?
    Our Stone panels are made of High Density Polyurethane foam with hand-paint 
3 Why we purchase Polyurethane Stone Panel and not real stone ? 
     A  Our products were designed to fill the gaps left by the natural stones, bricks and rocks.
     B  The main reason is the cost. The product alone is less expensive per square foot than the natural materials. Unlike      other competitors, our products look real.
    C You don't need to hire expensive masons. The installation is quick and even if you don't want to install the products     yourself, a contractor or handyman will do the work in a fraction of the time.
    D  Our products will not rot, mold or split. They are light-weight.
    E  Can be easily repaired and repainted.
    F  Can be installed where natural stones can't.
    G  You can update the look of your home easily.
    H  Our panels can be installed over curved surfaces. 

4 Are you products used for interior or exterior ?
Both. Our polyurethane products are designed to withstand outdoor stress tests yet they are beautiful enough to be used as interior decoration. They are completely waterproof and UV resistant. 

5  Is easy to work with Polyurethane Stone Panel ? 
Anyone can install our products. You don't need to prepare the existing surface with backer boards of wire mesh, purchase expensive diamond blades or wet saws, mix mortar and learn to lay bricks before you have the power to fully manage your project. All you need is basic carpenter tools, adhesive and the desire to create something beautiful on your own

6 Are the panel havey to handle ?
Not at all. Our products are very lightweight and easy for anyone to handle. The weight range is from 4-5 kgs per squre meters.

7 Do your products need maintenance ?
Contrary to other "natural products" our panels and accessories are constructed with closed-cell polyurethane particles which means that they will not absorb water and there will be no mold or rotting. They can easily be cleaned and washed. They also will not crack and the finish will barely fade in time (only about 1%). They are so durable and impact resistant that you can even drive a car on it without damage. The material contracts and expands by only + - 0.06 inches per panel so they perform extremely well in all temperatures.
8 Do you offer free samples ?
 Yes. After sample designs confimed ,we will arrange shipping asap.
9  Can your products be repainted ?
Yes you can repaint our products easier than repainting bricks and stones. You can use an oil or water-based primer and paint.

10  Can your stone panel be used where there is lots of water or understand water ?
  Yes .One of the many advantages of using our polyurethane products is that water doesn't affect them. They will not rot or deteriorate in any way under water.

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