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Fireplace installation

Jan 17, 2017

1, fireplace installed in the most active room can achieve maximum thermal efficiency. If the room is high, use the wind to spread the heat slowly to the active area.

2, in order to fully automatic operation of the fireplace, in the completion of the final installation to be installed in the vicinity of the location of the electrical socket and wire connection box.

3, if it is a duplex residential, such as the fireplace can be placed on the stairs turn on the platform, the heat can be directly transmitted to the upper room or lower room, so as to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.

4, put the fireplace floor also need to do insulation treatment. According to the different requirements of different products. The open wood fireplace requires a very large base to load Mars and ashes. A glass door should also consider the problem of adjusting the flame.

5, choose a suitable base, you can ask your dealer to assist, the use of ceramic, marble and stone products are a good choice. The different style of the furnace will have a series of color and material selection, to meet your needs. Alcohol fireplace.

6, all the fireplace design and construction needs professional knowledge, in order to ensure the use of safe, efficient.