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Fire Proof Decorative/Plastic Faux Marble Wall Panel/Cladding for Exterior Decoration

Mar 15, 2018

Product Description

Fireproof Laminated PVC/Decorative/Plastic Wall Panel for Exterior Decoration

The UV PVDF coated PVC cladding sheets are specially designed for external and interior ccladding application.
Applied on a ventilated facade, our products are a strong, durable & lightweight material, which provides an attractive cost-effective solution for a wide variety of projects.
It's the best wall panel in marable fiish, better than natural marble and aluminum, ceremic tile etc. materials.

Structure of products(it's composed by 4 layers)
-Back: Calcium-plastic mixture material layer(calcium powder:73%; PVC: 24%)
-Printing layer
-nanometer compound material layer(fungus)
-Top layer: PMMA or PVDF coating is (do not contain formal dehyde,benzene, etc.) the most environment entally friendly and stable wrapping, over 20 years warranty.

Color ranges:
Marable, wooden grain, solid, metallic etc. Any color is acceptable.

1, A wide spectrum, multi-functional, desirable with all esisting building facades decorating materials.
2, High quality:
A variety of functions to acid, alkali, weather,scrub, etc., to meet the quality feel of all building facades decorating mateial.
3, The panels are non-combustible & resistance to rot, fungus & vermin attract.
4, Excellent in anti-impact and lighter than metal or aluminum cladding system.
5, Environmentally friendly: non-toxic, harmless, tasteless, no radiation, low carbon, and environmental protection.
6, Security: Light weight, small construction vehicel coads, earthquake.
7, Simplest installation procedures.
Only the expansion and brakets, no more profile. Three times faster than aluminum composite panel or stone curtailn wall.

Outdoor and indoor commercial buildings, hotel lobby, hospital etc., renovation and new building decoration and insulation.

cladding sheets are available in many beautiful color ranging from "Nature" earth-tone to our "Treated" colors that resemble eggshell paint sheen.
It is important to note the non-uniformity
along with fading of the color & the presence of little
imperfections are considered a common characters of the product & is
not a defect as the panels are like a natural stone & does not look like an
artificial product with an unnatural surface. There characteristics do not
constitute a warranty claim & will not be entertained as such. The sheet
is through colored & has impermeability.

Materials Characteristic
Due to the nature of PVC products there will be variations in
color as well as small imperfections ranging in size from a
pin point to a dime. The color variations may be apparent
within each board & from board to board. The color
variations in the surface and the natural aging of the
panel will develop further as time passed.
There characteristic mentioned above do
not constitute a warranty claim & will not be entertained as such.
So, we give our clients 20 year warranty for outside
wall cladding usage and over 70 years warranty for inside wall decoration.

Nova Stone panel requires no regular maintenance to uphold their strength,
qualities & functions. When using our materials, please remove any dirt,dust,
fingerprint, etc. From the face of the panel after fabrication & installation.
Over time if the panels do happen to get dirty, a simple wash down with water & a mild detergent(soap) is usually sufficient.

environmeny friendly
Weather & aging resistanceYes
water & mositure proofYes
No bubble, No Wrikle, No sheddingYes
Corrosion ResistanceYes
Smooth SurfaceYes
Boiling water resistanceYes
outdoor useYes