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Fiber Cement Siding Wallboard

May 21, 2018

Product Description
BNBM fiber cement board is a new type of wallboard that is both functional and decorative, which is made from cement and plant fiber, and without innocuous suatances. The manufacturing technology is high pressure extrusion of single screw vacuun. The main production parameters are all controlled by computer to ensure a high quality. The products are made through the procedures of extrusion forming,steam maintenance, precise machines, drying,spraying and packaging, etc. The tachnical indicators of the products can meet the concerned standards of China and Japan.
Product Feature
1.low-carbon and environmental
It is a green and environmental products with non-asbestos
2.multiplicity in design and rich in color
The variety of designs and color can be freely combined, and provide more originality to the stylist
3.insulation and fireproof performance
4. installing easily
5.mechanical performance and antiweatherability
6.flexible connection
Product Specification/Models
There are two series: K series with holes( not solid); S series without holes(solid):
Mark width(mm) thickness(mm) length(mm)
K300-15-OLA 300 15 3000
K300-15-OLA-S 300 15 3000
K300-18-OLB 300 18 3000
K300-18-9LA 300 18 3000
K300-18-OLB-B 300 18 3000 
K450-18-OLB 450 18 3000 
K450-18-OLB-S 450 18 3000 
K600-26-OLC 600 26 3000
K600-26-7LC 600 26 3000
S16 460 16 3000
But if you have any other requirments,such as the question about the color and size, please let us know, we will consider whether we can help. Tks.
Fiber cement board can be applied to the industrial construction, individual residential, tunnel and subway station etc.
Other Information
We have International Marking Certificate for the BNBM Fiber Cement Board , Jiangsu High-tech Product Cerificate,Second Prize Award of K26mm Fiber Cement Siding

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