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corrosion resistance high durability wall siding panel

Dec 05, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Feature:Environmental, Fireproof, Light Weight, Metal Panel

  • Fire Rating:B

  • Certification:CCC, SGS, ISO9001, CE

  • Customized:Customized

  • Real Hanyi Wall Panel Factory:Hard-Polyurethane Foam: Sound Insulation

  • Insulated:Fireproofing

  • Trademark:Nova Stone

  • Origin:DongGuan, China

Product Description

Nova Stone insulated wall panel

Nova Stone material is hard polyurethane foaming, We guarantee the quality of Nova Stone panel for over 10 years.

Nova Stone panel application

Nova Stone panel could be used on any structural buildings such as brick-concrete structure, frame structure, steel structure, wood structure, light-weight hours and energy-saving reconstruction for the old buildings. It is widely used on Carport, Hotel, House, Kiosk, Booth, Office, Sentry Box, Guard House, Toilet, Shop, Villa, Warehouse, Workshop, Plant and so on.

Moreover, Nova Stone panel
The quality of light weight per square meter of less than 3.8kg, light framing, low initial construction costs. It is strong corrosion resistance, high durability, and weather fastness, etc.

Quick installation of light weight, splicing, installation and can be arbitrarily cutting characteristics, determine its installation is simple, can improve efficiency, save the time.

Nova Stone panel advantage
Lower cost Less time to construct
Greater strength and durability
Simpler construction with fewer, and lower skilled trades
Greater security and comfort for occupants

Lower environmental impacts

Nova Stone Panel,the international light-weight building material, integrates decoration, energy-efficiency, fire-proof, heat-insulation together. Its embossed metal surface texture can be designed and customized to all kinds of architectural styles: brick style, stone style, tile style, wood style etc. and there are more than 100 kinds of color for you to choose from. The core layer is polyurethane foam which is independent airtight foaming structure. It can effectively insulate the heat, sound (Thermal conductivity: 0.024 W/M.K), the fire proofing level has reached to the B2 or B1 level of national standard. The back material is glass fibre paper, which can reflect the heat back. The installation of Nova Stone Panel is very simple and convenient and the installation can not be influenced by weather and climate. We've been awarded the ISO9001:2000 quality system certificate, high-tech enterprise certificate, and the international CE certificate.

Outstanding performances

  1. The core material -hard Polyurethane foaming is the most advanced and eco-friendly and heat-insulation material. This effect of heat-insulation will decrease less than 3% after this material is used under high temperature for 25 years , at the same time , this material is combined with glass fibre paper or aluminum foil paper on the back, which guaranteed Hanyi Sandwich Panel System in a stable and perfect effect of heat-insulation.

2. The structure of Nova Stone Panel System eliminate the influence of heat & cold bridge. The special air layer can adjust the humidity of the wall, which avoided the humidity and mildew of inside the room. At the same time ,Since Nova Stone Panel is installed outside to protect the facade , which avoided the damage of nature (wind ,sunshine , rain, snow etc.) to the building ,as a result , Nova Stone Panel System extend the lifetime of the building .

B) Perfect effect of decoration

  1. The  Nova Stone Panel is specially processed and could be made into different styles, such as: brick-texture, stone-texture, mosaic-texture, rind-texture, aluminum-board-texture etc. The patterns are rich and colorful and can satisfy different architecture and improve the beauty of modern building.

C) Easy construction
1. Dry-hang method for installation: the main material of Nova Stone Panel is produced inside the factory, you can install the product with dry-hang method at the construction site, the construction procedure is easy and you don't need to do much work on the facade of the building, at the same time, the weight of the product is light(3.7kg/m2) and the installation is easy, and it is not influenced by seasons, so Hanyi Sandwich Panel System can reduce your construction duration.
2. Clean work progress: there is no dust, noise and construction waste during the installation, so it reduced your all kinds of cost especially for the renovation of living building , the construction will not influence people's life and work.
3. Multifarious and special accessories: it is easy and convenient for you to use different and special accessories during the construction, and all the accessories can be matched well with the product.
D) Cost-effective performance
1. When we are choosing insulation material, not only should we consider thermal conductivity, but also we should consider the weight of different insulation material at the same thermal resistance. The thicker the material is, the less convenient the construction is, and the larger volume will increase the burden to the building too, so it will increase the cost indirectly. Nova Stone Panel is very light, and can reduce the burden to the walling structure, and it can reach double effect of insulation and satisfy different energy-efficient need of different areas.
2. Perfect quality and stable performance: Nova Stone Panel is producted by automatic and industrialized product line , so it has stable chemical and physical structure ,99% of the product will come up to the limits.
3. Long lifetime and low cost of maintenance:  lifetime can reach over 45 years. The top is processed specially and so it is wearable, acid& alkali-resistant, and can guarantee the beautiful appearance of facade for a long time. The construction cost of Nova Stone  Panel is lower than that of other materials.