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Artifical Cement Outside and Inside Wall Cladding Venner Stone

Aug 27, 2018

1.Established in 2005, ILITA Building Materials Development Co., Ltd. has over 10 years experience in manufacturing artificial culture stone.
2.With the production facility plant covering over 20,000 square meters, Ilita possesses a production capacity of over 2 million square meters of culture stones annually.
3.Ilita culture stones are made of white cement, shale ceramsite, pigments...etc and other elements with our unique formula. Certified by ISO9001, Ilita culture stone has already been widely used for both Exterior and Interior projects.

Advantage of ILITA Artificial Stone:
1. High quality, natural color and delicate texture
2. Light weight, only one third of the weight of natural stone-save the transportation cost
3. Can be colored by custom design
4. Installation is quicker, easier and cheaper
5. Fireproof, Soundproof
6. No radioelement
7. Durable and won't rust, buckle or fade
8. Virtually maintenance free
9. Suitable for various climate conditions
10. Adds value to the property

Foshan Supervision Testing Centre of Quality and Metrology
Inspection Report
No.Test ItemsUnitTest Results
No crack or delamination, no shrinkage or drying flaw.
2Mass per square meterkg/m272.2
3Bending strengthmpaAverage
4Compression strengthmpaAverage
5Bulk densityg/cm31.58
6Water absorption%7.54
7Frost resistance
No crack or peeling after the frost test